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Dear Parent or Guardian,

  1. This letter has been prepared to summarize for you the U.S. Army Junior Reserve Officers Training JROTC) Program at Hyde Park Academy. It outlines the course objectives and provides general information about the program.
  2. It should be clearly understood that the JROTC Program is not designed to prepare your child for active Military Service, the National Guard or Army Reserves.  Our prime interest in this program is to develop in your child self-discipline, a sense of responsibility, leadership ability, and an understanding and appreciation of good citizenship.
  3. Becoming a JROTC cadet is an important step in your child’s progress toward adulthood and maturity. As instructors, we intend to make the experience both a meaningful and a lasting one by using the full range of our knowledge, and extensive training and know-how. We assure you that we share your primary concern that education must be placed at the top of the priority list and must remain there.


CSM Randy B. Thomas, Senior Army Instructor
SFC Perry Bardney, Army Instructor