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Cell Phone Storage Policy

Phone Locker Agreement 2019 – 2020

This cell phone locker agreement outlines the rules and responsibilities for
those students who wish to rent a cell phone locker at Hyde Park (HP). There
will be no cell phonesllowed in the building as outlined in the “Cellular
Phones and Other Technology Devices” section of the Chicago Public Schools
Student Code of Conduct (SCC). A cell phone locker DOES NOT
permit students to carry a cellular device during the school day. We understand
that students have different circumstances in which they would need to
communicate with their families while traveling to/from school. The cell phone
locker permits a student the opportunity to store their cell phone before they
begin the school day at HP, as well as pick up their cell phone before they depart to
their home. This agreement DOES NOT change HP’s policy
prohibiting cell phones from being in the classroom. ​​​​​​​