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IB Program

The Hyde Park International Baccalaureate Programme

Hyde Park’s International Baccalaureate Programme is committed to developing the qualities, attitudes, and characteristics described in the IB learner profile. Through IB criterion-based assessments and practice, students demonstrate their mastery of the higher order thinking skills that are the hallmark of the academic IB programme. Through the various opportunities for service learning, extra-curricular and other CAS-related activities, the school, in combination with the IB programme, encourages students to learn more about the world in which they live and to become caring, engaged citizens who embrace its diversity as a precious gift, rather than a burden, and who seek ways to bridge the gaps between cultures and to foster better levels of communication and understanding.

Hyde Park Academy promotes student inquiry, and the development of critical thinking skills. This is especially true in the IB program where these goals are embedded in the curriculum and the various assessment criteria. Through the application of the Areas of Interaction on the Middle Years level, as well as the emphasis on higher order thinking skills and on the Ways of Knowing in the Diploma program, students are required to incorporate analysis and synthesis as part of their regular learning process.

To succeed in earning the prestigious “IB Diploma”, students must prepare to complete a series of assessments during their junior and senior years that truly test their abilities to reason, to express themselves, and to learn independently. IB seniors sit for examinations in six subjects during May of their senior year, but those exams are just the culmination of the assessment process. To get there, they will have also:

--written a 4,000 word extended essay
--written two 1,500 word literary analyses
--written one 1,500 word history paper
--written one 1,500 word theory of knowledge paper
--created a detailed mathematics project
--designed, carried out, & evaluated 4 science experiments

To prepare students for this collegiate experience, all IB students take 4 years each of English, science, history and mathematics as well as four years of a foreign language, two years of PE, one year of art and one year of music, two years of theory of knowledge, one year of design technology (including computers), and 1-2 years of an elective course: art or psychology.. In addition, all tenth grade students will have had the experience of learning and working independently through the required “personal project” and accompanying “process journal” which is subject to IB assessment at the end of sophomore year.