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Student Passwords

Students can access their CPS website using the following directions.
Student Email Log-in
Students can log into their Google@CPS accounts if they know their usernames and passwords. Email can be accessed as follows:
Go to (Do not type “www”)
Student Passwords
The default student passwords follow the protocol: “Cps” followed by Student ID#; e.g., student with ID# 12345678: Cps12345678. The passwords can be changed by clicking “Modify Account” next to the students’ names.
Student passwords cannot contain any part of their username or Student ID numbers. Passwords do require a minimum of 8 characters and must include a number, a capital letter, and a special character. This complexity does not require random strings of hard to remember ciphers. Instead, we should teach students strong password management skills by transitioning them to passphrases rather than passwords. For example: Ilove2eaticecream! or I<3mycat are complex, strong passphrases that are secure while being easy to remember. Passwords need to be hard for hackers, not hard for students.