Summer School 2020


 If you are unsure if you need to enroll or register for summer school because you received an "F" or "I" (Incomplete), please feel free to complete the form and the counselors will verify if you need to enroll in summer school. If you are interested in being enrolled in summer school, please complete the form found in this link here:


SUMMER SCHOOL will begin June 29th through July 31st. If you are not interested in enrolling in summer school at this time, you will have the opportunity to enroll in evening school in Fall, 2020.  All summer school classes will be VIRTUAL ONLINE classes and NOT REMOTE CLASSES. These virtual classes will require you to complete your exams and quizzes in an online platform. This will not be a class taught by your home high school teacher as we recently completed during the COVID quarantine. If you are unsure about virtual online classes, please feel free to reach out to one of the counselors or peers to ask questions that have taken virtual classes in the past. We have offered virtual classes during Evening School this past semester.  


Students enrolling in summer school will need a LAPTOP or COMPUTER in order to complete the virtual online classes. If the student received a laptop issued from Hyde Park Academy and you have returned the laptop to the school, the student will need the laptop again. ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY IN SUMMER SCHOOL VIRTUAL CLASSES. This information will be forthcoming from the summer school's host site's VIRTUAL MENTOR AND VIRTUAL TUTOR.


ALL SUMMER SCHOOL ENROLLMENTS MUST BE COMPLETED BY JULY 1ST at 3pm. Please complete the google form link here if you are interested in enrolling in summer school:

Dr. Chrystal Tolbert
Hyde Park Academy
Professional School Counselor
(773) 535-0904 (office)
(773) 535-0633 (fax)